Membrane keyboards are nowadays a perfect solution for all applications requiring: tactile feed-back, graphic customization and low costs.

Membrane keyboards have a structure made of silkscreened, worked polyester film and double-side adhesives ensuring a perfect assembling as well as weather tightness, moisture and heat resistance. Keys are thermoformed or can host a small metallic reliefing dome, with a soft medium or hard touch (classic“click”effect), following the needs.

A flexible circuit completing the keyboard is realized by means of silkcreen printing technique of conductive inks, to guarantee full efficiency even with low electrical resistances. It can be integrated with LED, in a wide range of colours, different electrical connections and customized flat cable. The final result is excellent in flexibility, long lasting and watertight of the main circuit.
Only 3M double-faced adhesive tape is used, which ensures a perfect adherence on any surface.
C.F. Serigrafia guarantees to check every single step of the production process, leading to offer a high quality product with high performances.

silkscreened and worked polyester film and double-faced adhesive tapes
realized through thermoforming
3M double-sided tape


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