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Cf Serigrafia padova tastiera a membrana

Membrane keyboards

Cf Serigrafia padova tastiera capacitativa

Capacitive keyboards

Cf Serigrafia padova sistemi touch

Touch systems

Cf Serigrafia padova lavorazioni meccaniche

Mechanical processing

Cf Serigrafia padova stampa digitale

Digital screen printing

CF Serigrafia - We realize keyboards membranein polycarbonatecapacitive in plexiglasscapacitive in polycarbonate

C.F. Serigrafia looks back on more than 25 years experience in the field of screen printing for electronics, with the purpose to reach the best result in HMI (Human-machine interface).
Over the years the Company has increased its staff up to 10 specialized employees, and operates in its own plant since 10 years.

We design and realize customized membrane keyboards, in polyester and in polycarbonate, capacitive keyboards and resistive keyboards in plexiglass and polycarbonate.

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Technology and Manufacturing

Continuous updating with new technologies

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