“Capacitive touch” technology is based on the touch identification, perceived as a pulse sending method, this enables to avoid using mechanical and metal actuators normally used in traditional keyboards.
Front panels can be made in plastic materials, such as polyester and polycarbonate or in glass.

Plastic materials allow to realize high resistant, shock proof front panels. They are made in various thickness ranging, from 500 micron upwards, can be printed with digital techniques for custom graphics. These materials are cheaper and more easily available than glass, but with an equal aesthetic result of the capacitive panel.
Glass is the most noble material for all capacitive systems.

It ensures a perfect touch sensitivity and its brightness enhanced by the back light ensures an exceptional elegant interface, with a great visual effect.

Thanks to a collaboration with a skilled glass professional, specialized in working different types of glass with different thicknesses, we can perfectly meet the customer’s needs.

Printing and mechanical processes are all made in the production departments of C.F. Serigrafia building, to guarantee professional confidence and confidentiality to the customer during all working phases.

capacitive touch
Front panels
realized in plastic materials like polyester and polycarbonate


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